Punakha Domche (Festival)

Punakha Domche (Festival)

20 Feb 05:00 - 26 Feb 20:00 - Punakha


Punakha Dzong Festival- was held in Punakha Dzong(Frotress of 17th century) to commemorate the anniversary of Punakha Dzong with ceremony, mask and flok dances.
Punakha Domche is one of the unique festival held in Bhutan where you can enjoy the dancers of different categories of the warriors and the mask dance subduing evil sprits.
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Talo Tshechu spring festival 2018

24 Mar 08:00 - 26 Mar 15:00 24 Mar 08:00 - 26 Mar 15:00 - Punakha Punakha
Punakha Punakha
It was started by Zhabdrung Rinpoche with the unique mask dance and the Talop's folk dances by the people of Talo to pay Homage to Zhabdrung...   More info

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