Journey to Bhutan

Journey to Bhutan

21 Oct 17:00 - 01 Nov 20:00 - Thimphu
Thimphu, Bhutan


“This peaceful nation … is emerging as a big draw, attracting those in search of a spiritual journey, a hiking adventure — or just a chance to experience a place before the rest of the world gets there.” ~ The New York Times.

Our inaugural trip to this beautiful country exceeded expectations. The beauty combined with the kindness of the people made it a perfect escape from routine. Everywhere we turned was another outstanding landscape. This country has become photographer's hotspot and when you visit, you'll understand why.

We learned tons-- from how the concept of Gross National Happiness influences their governmental policies and daily lives, to the fact that the constitution requires that 60% of the land must remain forest. We learned that dogs and cows (sleeping or not) have the right of way on the road and that Buddhists like to drink. There is something so attractive about a country where nature, the people, and the cultural traditions are protected and respected. Bhutan has a strong family tradition and the people honor deities and spirits with daily meditations, offerings and acceptance. The country flows with synergy. People smile and are inquisitive. The reason it is an expensive trip is because the country wants to keep it that way, not over run with tourists or being forced to commercialize, so there is a high tax. But if you want to experience beauty and culture in its simplest form, this is the trip for you. (And we made it Sabbath Observant Friendly)

And because of a personal contact in Bhutan who is the anchorman on the Bhutan News station, we are adding some extremely unique features to our itinerary--interacting more with the local communities such as meeting with a women's entrepreneurial club and assisting in a school for training monks as young as five years old to learn about their training. You'll see an intimate Bhutan by meeting families, hiking in the remote mountains, staying in small hotels, visiting schools, sampling regional foods and participating in their traditional fall festivals.

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